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KATE & RAPHAEL- Saturday Afternoon

We are delighted to welcome Kate Young and Raphaël Decoster, telling stories and creating landscapes through a dialogue between French accordion, Scottish fiddle and the intimate spontaneity of Kate's voice. Kate and Raphael's shared interest in both visual arts and traditional music allow them to create melodies and songs that are fresh and poetic.



FARA - Saturday Evening

Fara brings together four musicians at the forefront of today’s young Scottish folk scene, Jennifer Austin, Kristan Harvey, Jeana Leslie and Catriona Price’s three fiddles and a piano, to produce a fiery sound rooted strongly in their upbringing among the music of Orkney.


DAMIEN O'KANE - Saturday Afternoon

Damien O’Kane is a musician of many talents. He’s a singer. A very good one, too, with a relaxed, assured vocal style that exudes a natural warmth and empathy with the colourful characters who occupy his songs.


SAM LEE & FREINDS - Sunday Afternoon

As an artist Sam traverses many worlds, challenging and pioneering folk music in diverse places and ways. Not just an award-winning singer with two highly decorated albums to his name and a sound incomparable to his contemporaries’; his work fostering live music in the UK has been instrumental in the explosion of folk of the last decade. Sam reinvents not just the way these ancient songs should sound but how they can be sourced, exist and thrive, from conscientiously gathering them in Gypsy Traveler camps to singing them for the Hollywood big screen.


MAZ O'CONNOR - Saturday Afternoon

Maz O’Connor is a songwriter, singer and musician living in London. Her new album The Longing Kind explores the tensions and conflicts of a young adult, dazed by a turbulent world and yearning for an undefined elsewhere. Her songs turn intimate and true tales into poignant examinations of our relationship to others, to home and the notion of identity.



EZZA - Saturday Evening

Standing out of previous famous tuareg bands, the power trio EZZA transforms and brings the Tuareg music off the usual path, blending, without any concessions, modern rock sounds, African pulse, rhythmic trances and relentless groove. EZZA's desert blues-rock, three-piece dynamic and soul-stirring melodies,and rebellion-fuelled rhythms, produce a more contemporary sound than previously associated with Saharan music.


TANTZ - Saturday Evening

Over the last few years, Leeds' based klezmer/Balkan beats/gypsy jazz bohemians Tantz have taken the UK world/roots music scene apart with their full-on musical attack on audiences across the length and breadth of this nation. With awesome musical chops, an energy not seen since punk rock's halcyon days and ability to turn a gentle world music festival crowd into a heaving, pogoing mosh-pit, there's something special about this band that manages to touch almost everyone who hears and sees them live, no matter what music they're into.


AWRY - Friday Evening

Birthed from the verdant belly of The Forest arts collective in Edinburgh on Samhain Eve in 2010, the infant Awry quickly became known for a very specific and laudacious behavior known as the ‘PSYCHEGAELIC ceilidh’. Awry quickly grew into a strange but precocious child that delights in making order, mirthy musicals broths twisted together from the woody sound of acoustic instruments, potent electrics and the Gaelic language spoken here north of Hadey ‘s wall …


DIDDLY SQUAT - Saturday Evening

Diddly Squat are the best traditional Northumbrian psychedelic dub band playing in Northumberland. Come with us on a journey to the heart of the Goat Realm!


WAYWARD JANE - Friday Evening

We are Wayward Jane, a multi-instrumental band that plays Scottish/American folk music with double bass, fiddles, viola, banjo, guitar, flute and vocals.


PONS AELIUS - Saturday Afternoon

Pons Aelius are an ambitious young instrumental sextet exploring the traditional and contemporary folk musics of Britain and beyond. With bold arrangements and an arsenal of instruments, the band melds age-old traditions with a fresh and innovative attitude.


TWELFTH DAY - Sunday Afternoon

In the wordless communication that passes between Orcadian fiddler Catriona Price and Peebles harpist Esther Swift as they perform, the strength of their decade-long musical partnership, friendship and shared humour is evident. It’s this depth of connection, and tangible desire to have fun, that gives Twelfth Day its extra edge. In their own words, this is not so much a duo, but a two person quartet. Their two distinctly different voices, the fiddle, and the pedal harp, build layer upon layer of a complex and ever-evolving sound, rich with rhythm, harmony and texture.


KAT DAVIDSON - Saturday Afternoon

Kathryn Davidson is a Northumbrian singer, whistle player, choir leader, and teacher who currently lives in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. At 16 Kathryn heard a group of amazing young musicians at her school as part of the Folkworks Hot Shoots tour. That summer she attended the Folkworks Youth Summer School and that led to a complete change of life plan! She went on to graduate from the Folk and Traditional Music Degree at Newcastle University and it was during her final year that she took a three day a week placement at Sage Gateshead.


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